Receive and send payments for a flat fee

No transfer limit.
No percentage charge.
No tedious paper work.

Trusted and regulated

Business payments

Manage all your transactions in one dashboard:

Pay suppliers
Collect payment from customers
Set-up recurring transactions
Move money between your own accounts
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No limit transactions

Limitless transactions

Send and receive no limit payments for a flat fee - that’s right, we don’t charge a percentage of your transaction.

No limit transactions

95% Savings on admin costs

Eliminate hidden costs of cheques, tedious paperwork and reduce time spent on reconciling payments.

Transparent payements

Full transparency

Monitor transactions every step of the way with real-time payment tracking.

Payment speed

Accelerated payment speed

Improve your cash flow and save time chasing after payments. Funds are transmitted within 48h or less.

A stress-free payment experience for you and your customers

Initiate transaction
Fast Initiation
Onboard suppliers via email without having to collect routing data
Import invoices from your accounting software
Include payment links in your invoices to collect money from customers
Approve transaction
Direct Approval
Your customers and suppliers are not required to sign up for DivDot
Authorize payments by logging in with your online banking details
Customers pay right from their bank account
Approve transaction
Simplified Reconciliation
All transactions show the exact amount you request or send
Customizable bank statement description
We don't batch your payments

Two-way accounting integrations

DivDot seamlessly works with your current accounting system.

Scalable solutions

DivDot is the right choice for any size company.

SME solution

For small and medium-sized businesses

Our payment software is easy to adopt and ready to use. All you need to do is sign up and set-up your accounts.

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enterprise solution

For large enterprises

We build customized solutions catered to meet your needs. Tell us about your company, so we can match our solutions to your expectations.

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DivDot enables businesses to move away from cheques.