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Why business professionals love using DivDot

No limit transactions

Limitless transactions

Send and receive no limit payments for a flat fee - that’s right, we don’t charge a percentage of your transaction.

No limit transactions

95% Savings on admin costs

Eliminate hidden costs of cheques, tedious paperwork and reduce time spent on reconciling payments.

Transparent payements

Full cash flow transparency

Monitor transactions every step of the way with real-time payment tracking.

Payment speed

Accelerated payment speed

Improve your cash flow and save time chasing after payments. Funds are transmitted within 48h or less.

“DivDot enabled my company to move away from cheque processing which saved us time and money.”
Devin Hutchinson - Hutchinson Contracting
“When comparing DivDot to issuing a wire transfer, it's quicker, easier, and cheaper. There's really no downside and a ton of upside.”
Dylan Touhey - OneNet Marketing Inc.

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